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Nutrilite Iron Folic (120 Tab)


NUTRILITE Iron Folic offers iron and folic acid you need every day. Recommended for those who have iron anaemia or folic acid deficiency, and women who plan to conceive or are in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

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Everyone needs iron because it is an important factor in the formation of red blood cells and folic acid, which is essential for the normal growth and maintenance of cells. NUTRILITE Iron Folic acid supplement gives you that and more. It also acts as an iron folic pregnancy supplement women can consume during their conceiving period.

  • One tablet provides 10mg of ferrous fumarate and ferrous gluconate, two well-tolerated forms of iron, and 0.133mg of folic acid.
  • Contains NUTRILITE Spinach Concentrate.
  • Provides the amount of iron and folic acid needed every day by the body.
  • Contains phytonutrients plant compounds for additional nutritional benefits.


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