Floor Shine Floor Cleaner (1L)

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Floor Shine Floor Cleaner (1L)


Floor Shine Floor Cleaner gives you a spotless-clean floor. Suitable for marble, granite, parquet, cement, tiles, mosaic and other water-safe surfaces, it makes cleaning so much easier.

👍 No-rinse formula gives you a convenient and effective cleaning experience.

👍 Suitable for all water-safe flooring: marble, granite, parquet, cement, tiles, mosaic.

👍Custom-blend wax that protects and leaves your floor sanitised with a glossy finish

👍More effective and encourages easier future cleaning

👍Protects and leaves the floor clean and shiny.

👍1L bottle for up to 50 uses.Contains Triclosan, an active ingredient that effectively removes germs and bacteria while cutting through grease and grime effortlessly.Leaves a lingering, refreshing scent.


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