Essentials by ARTISTRY Makeup Removing Wipes (25 Wipes)

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Essentials by ARTISTRY Makeup Removing Wipes (25 Wipes)


Convenient, disposable cleansing wipes that quickly and easily remove makeup – even long-lasting mascara and lip colours.

Essentials by ARTISTRY Makeup Removing Wipes gently removes heavy makeup from face without any oily residue leaving skin clean, fresh and well-conditioned.

Start Young, Start Now
Beginning a good, basic skin care regimen at a young age is vital as how you take care of your skin now will determine how it will look like for the rest of your life. So, if you want to maintain your skin’s good health and youthful vibrancy for a longer period of time, start caring for your skin today!

Make essentials by ARTISTRY your 1st skin care experience today.

essentials by ARTISTRY uniquely addresses the dermatological needs of young skin. Made with the organic Nutrilite Acerola Cherry extract and the best botanical ingredients, essentials by ARTISTRY effectively treats oily skin, acne and enlarged pores – skin problems that are very common among those aged 18 – 25 years old.

Star Ingredient
Our organic Nutrilite Acerola Cherry is the star ingredient of essentials by ARTISTRY. Harvested when its vitamin C concentration is at its peak, the vitamin C content in a single green Acerola Cherry is much higher than that of a medium-sized orange.


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