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Influencer Fast Track Series (5 Book Series)

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1. Passive Income Freedom: 23 Passive Income Blueprints: Go Step-by-Step from Complete Beginner to $5,000-10,000/Month in the next 6 months! – January 6, 2019


Passive Income Freedom!

Is that really possible? And if so, do you need a lot of money or special skills? Can anyone achieve this?
If you’ve ever wondered, then this book will provide you with answers and show you in 23 Step-by-Step Blueprints that – yes – Passive Income Freedom is definitely real and achievable for everyone:

Including YOU! Even as a total beginner.

What you will not find in this book are get rich quick schemes or inflated promises.
This book is not for lazy people or tricksters trying to beat the system.
These are solid, proven passive income blueprints that do take work in the beginning and certainly have a learning curve.
Like anything worth having.

But…If you are ready for freedom,
Ready to get out of the rat race, and the drudgery of boring, unfulfilling jobs,
Ready to get out from under that pile of debt and bills to pay,
Ready to become the person you were meant to be
with the freedom to pursue your passions and
share some AWEsome with the world…
Then… this book will be an amazing resource. Taking you by the hand and giving you:

A Tour-de-Force Ride through the many – vastly different – realms of passive income entrepreneurship. So you know what’s out there. You know what your passive income options are. And you can now decide which path to choose – with – a solid action plan in place so you can actually get there. Don’t worry, these are fun… 🙂
As always with SassyZenGirl books, great business info doesn’t have to be dull and boring.

You will smile, you will be excited – and – you will have sound passive income strategies in place once you finish this book!
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2. Influencer Fast Track: From Zero to Influencer in the next 6 months!: 10X Your Marketing & Branding for Coaches, Consultants, Professionals & Entrepreneurs  – May 28, 2018


“Reading Gundi’s book gives you the ‘Kick in the Pants’ motivation of a Tony Robbins event”. – Frank Kelso, Author

YOU = INFLUENCER!! – Have a passion project you want to share with world? – Something amazing you always wanted to do, but don’t know how to reach an audienceThen let this little book walk you through SassyZenGirl’s proven 7-STEP FORMULA to go from ZERO (followers) to INFLUENCER STATUS in just a few months!

“Gundi is a phenomenal marketer and writer!” – Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur

Sound crazy?

Well, it isn’t actually IF you know how to leverage the many (mostly free) resources available to anyone using the internet today! It’s not about pumping thousands of dollars into ads or wearing yourself out on social media without getting much traction. There are a number of simple strategies that can have a tremendous effect on growing your online presence and visibility that make even a 6-month time frame perfectly doable.

“Influencer” does not mean becoming world famous and making millions overnight. That would indeed be unlikely and fall under a classic get-rich-quick scheme, which this book is notQuite the opposite! The strategies and hacks described in INFLUENCER FAST TRACK show you – in 7 simple steps – how to leverage the formidable marketing power of the internet, as well as major platforms, institutions, peers and influencers to grow quickly – while creating win-wins for everyone involved!

No longer do you need to fight or worry about “competitors”, but rather see others as opportunities to collaborate, leveraging each other’s audiences and helping everyone grow. In the same vein, treat your customers and followers with respect and care. 

“The best Marketing Method ever: CARE!” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Enjoy helping and providing awesome value. Find out how you can really help people, what they actually need. Build relationships and a brand that people love to identify with, instead of being salesy, sleazy and annoying.

3. Online Marketing Boot Camp: The Proven 10-Step Formula To Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Business, Create An Irresistible Brand Customers Will … And For All! (Influencer Fast Track® Series) Paperback
– January 2, 2020


Are you struggling to reach new clients, customers, or social media followers? Frustrated with Facebook ads not producing good results? Paying thousands of dollars to social media managers and SEOs and still only minimal conversionsThen let this snappy, little guide from the INFLUENCER series help you in typical, fun – SassyZenGirl – style! What 98% of businesses miss + why they fail!

PART 1 starts with the 10 must-have pillars for any internet marketing success. This is what 98% of entrepreneurs and business owners miss and why they fail! Your marketing campaigns cannot be successful if you forget even one of these marketing basics, and you need to have them in place before even considering any marketing strategies!

Learn how the 2% of successful entrepreneurs smartly position their brands, so customers will always choose their business over everyone else (hint: it’s not luck – there is a proven branding strategy at play here and you can apply it, too!).

In PART 2, we will cover the psychological principles of effective copywriting and how you can make your sales copy instantly more effective by just changing one or two words. You will see what your #1 FOCUS needs to be, especially during your first year (it’s probably not what you expected…).

In PART 3, we will cover the: TOP 15 most effective Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020, so you can pick the ones best suited for your business while maximizing their effectiveness. Whether you:

  • Have struggled to gain traction with your blog posts or want to use blogging for profit…
  • Want to leverage the amazing power of influencer marketing, learn the most effective influencer strategies and how to find influencers on Instragram, Facebook & Youtube that will actually bring you results…
  • Read every social media bible…:) but are still struggling with social media copywriting or branding, still not gaining any followers in large numbers…
  • Want to explore newer strategies like messenger chat bots & Medium
  • Discover how Pinterest can generate you a 100K a month (not a typo!)Or…
  • Still wondering how to start a business online and

What do I need to start a business? You will have a clear action plan in place once you finish this book and finally feel that you, YES YOU (even the quiet introvert in the back…:), can master marketing and get your business the attention – and financial rewards – you deserve.

Ready to #ShareYourAWESOME with the world? Then hit the button below!

4. 127 Home-Based Job & Business Ideas: Best Places to Find Jobs to Work from Home & Top Home-Based Business Opportunities (Influencer Fast Track) Paperback – August 26, 2019


Do you NEED A JOB right now? Ideally, with flexible hours, working from home? Or are you dying to get out of the corporate grind, yearning to build a business around something deeply fulfilling – and from the comfort of your home?

Maybe you are a new Mom and would love to remain a stay-at-home Mom, but money is getting tight and bills are piling up? Whatever your situation may be:
This book will introduce you to an abundance of legitimate home-based job and business options to either get cash quickly when you need it…

Or build long term income streams that you enjoy and that allow you to finally #ClaimYourFREEDOM® and leave that dreary 9-5 job once and for all.

PART 1 starts with the Best Places to Find Jobs to Work from Home grouped by skill and experience level:

  • Basic Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • PRO Skills
  • College Degree Required

This is followed by a number of flexible job options in your local area as well as how and where to find jobs fast. Next, you’ll find several innovative ways to monetize your home and car (and no – not just Uber & AirBnB….). Then we get to the first list of Top Home-Based Business Opportunities, some with significant income potential – even on a part time basis.

PART 2 lists more home-based job and business ideas grouped by your interests, passions and hobbies:

  • Pets
  • Travel (local)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Writing
  • Photo + Video
  • Fashion
  • Cooking
  • Health & Wellness
  • Gardening
  • Kids
  • Video Games
  • Medical

Are ready to change your life today? Then let this fun 2-hour read take you on a journey through a multitude of online job and business options that you probably never knew of – and even more fun homebased business opportunities for the long term.

5. Kindle Bestseller Publishing: The Proven 4-Week Formula to go from Zero to Bestseller as a first-time Author! (Influencer Fast Track® Series Book 5) Kindle Edition


Self-Publish a #1 Amazon Bestseller in the next 30 Days!

Sound to good to be true? Well, with the right strategy and proper research before you start, it is absolutely possible, even if:

  • you are not a writer
  • have no marketing experience
  • don’t have a large following yet

As a 12-time #1 Bestselling & Top 100 Business Author, Gundi knows a thing or two about writing & publishing bestsellers. All her books reached #1 within just a few days of publishing and over time, she developed a

Step-by-Step, proven and easy-to-follow System that helped many first time authors around the world reach #1 within weeks and even beat out famous authors like Tim Ferriss, Hal Elrod, John Grisham and Brian Tracy and – best of all – it can help YOU do the same!

“Kindle Bestseller Publishing” is part of SassyZenGirl’s INFLUENCER FAST TRACK series, that teaches Internet Marketing to total beginners.You might not think of Kindle Publishing as a marketing tool, but self-publishing is actually:
One of the fastest, most efficient ways to build a following online! For your blog, your social media platforms, your business or any service you are offering. In addition, PUBLISHING on AMAZON offers the following BENEFITS:

  • The Prestige of being a published – or even Bestselling – Author
  • Instant Authority in your Field
  • New clients and customers on auto-pilot who will trust you a lot more, because you have already proven yourself
  • Passive Income- Automatic List Building. Email marketing is widely considered the most powerful marketing technique of all, more than Facebook and Google Ads combined. Publishing a book on Amazon can help you build your mailing list on auto-pilot – and Amazon even pays you to do it…..

This book will teach you STEP-BY-STEP how to go from zero to publishedand Bestseller!

“Kindle Bestseller Publishing” focuses on the Marketing aspects of publishing a book on Amazon and in particular, what it takes to reach Bestseller status – the “science” behind it. Important areas that will be covered include:

  • Researching profitable Book Ideas
  • Understanding Amazon’s Algorithm and how new readers can find you
  • How to optimize your meta data, including your book title to trigger Amazon’s algorithm to promote your book heavily
  • Category and Keyword Research and how Bestseller ranking on Amazon works
  • How to market your book during Launch Weekand much more….

Are you ready to write and publish your first Bestseller?