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ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketer & Online Business

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ClickFunnels Overview: What is ClickFunnels Exactly?

ClickFunnels Overview What is ClickFunnels Exactly

Click Funnels was built to help online business owners to build sales funnels and automates the sales process entirely. This software comes as an all-in-one sales page and funnel builder. Through ClickFunnels, online business owners can scale their businesses to higher levels.

The software was designed in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his team.

Since its inception, the software has grown to become the most popular sales funnel-builder.

And it’s no surprise.

So, let’s take a look at the review of the most important ClickFunnels features and benefits you can get from this tool.

What Can ClickFunnels Do For You?

ClickFunnels allows you to offer more to your customers. Once the customer gets into the sales funnel, you can take them through several landing pages that ensure he ends up being a high-paying customer at the end.

However, ClickFunnels has more to offer to ensure your online business runs smoothly.

Here are a couple of things reviewed that you can use ClickFunnels for:

1. ClickFunnels Can Help You Build Marketing Pages That Sell

ClickFunnels Can Help You Build Marketing Pages That Sell

For you to make money online from your business, you are going to need to make several webpages. These webpages are also called marketing pages.

ClickFunnels makes it easy for you to make these webpages. Remember, you want to take a visitor through the whole process and turn them from your site’s visitor to a paying customer.

Some of the marketing pages that you will need for your business include sales pages, order pages, webinar pages, and checkout pages.

2. You Can Host Courses with ClickFunnels

You Can Host Courses with ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is ideal for any kind of business, including online tutoring. If you offer online courses, having ClickFunnels as your marketing tool will come in handy.

The software features a Membership Area that makes it easy for online tutors to design their courses. Setting up the members’ area is quite easy and should only take you a couple of minutes.

One bonus of using ClickFunnels for your online courses is that it helps in managing other aspects of your business, such as sales and marketing.

The only downside to ClickFunnels for hosting courses is that the platform won’t support your marketing video. You will, therefore, have to use a different platform such as YouTube.

3. You Can Launch a New Product Witch ClickFunnels

You Can Launch a New Product Witch ClickFunnels

Launching a new product is never easy, whether your business runs online or not. For online business owners, it is notably more challenging to convince people to get on board with your new product.

ClickFunnels makes it easier for you to launch a product thanks to the Product Launch funnel. With this funnel, you get to create brand awareness first and convince potential customers why they need the product.

By the time you get to the actual launch, clients are convinced that it is a worthy investment, boosting your sales of the new product.

4. ClickFunnels Can Help to Build an Email List

ClickFunnels Can Help to Build an Email List

Another challenge that many online business owners face is building an email list. But with ClickFunnels, it should only take you some time before you have an impressive subscribers’ list.

One of the best strategies for building your list is by offering a free incentive at the beginning of your marketing funnel.

Say, you placed an ad for a life coaching lesson in time management.

Through ClickFunnels, you can set up a marketing campaign that offers your site’s visitors a free package on a time management course.

By doing this, you can build your email list to a significant number from where you can generate some impressive leads for your business.

7 Things You Should Do If You’re Considering ClickFunnels

1.0 ClickFunnels Brick & Mortar Funnels

ClickFunnels Brick & Mortar Funnels

Product: Brick & Mortar Funnels
Price: FREE
Special Offer: One Funnel Away Challenge
Type: Training

1.1 – What Are Brick and Mortar Funnels?

The Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit is quite similar to the 30 Days summit, only that it is geared towards physical businesses.The Brick and Mortar Funnels summit is a 4-day interview training series. Through the interviews, you will see how people who run brick-and-mortar businesses are using sales funnels to boost their customers.

1.2 – What You’ll Find Inside the Brick And Mortar Funnels

The Brick and Mortar summit brings together 15 small business owners who all use sales funnels.

These people own businesses in a variety of industries such as real estate, accounting, finance, and dental practice.Through the summit, they get to share a step-by-step roadmap of how they got to scale their businesses.The 4-day interview series covers a variety of topics.

For example, you will get to learn four simple steps you can use to generate 100 clients in 30 days from a dentist, how to maximize profits in a service-based industry from a window cleaner, and how to create tons of clients with no referrals from a medical spa owner.

Besides, each of the business owners reveals how you can get 100 new customers in 100 days or less.

Once you sign up for the training, you will have free but limited access.

The interviews will only be available for 96 hours, after which they will be gone.

If you would like to have unlimited access to the brick and mortar funnels series, you will need to pay $100 for the One Funnel Away Challenge that comes with a variety of other bonuses as well.

2.0 One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)

One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA)

Launch Your Funnel in Just 30 Days

Name: One Funnel Away Challenge
Price: $100
Duration: 30 Days
Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days

2.1 – What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-days training program that will provide you full coaching from Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Stoian to launch your next funnel totally from scratch in just 30 days.

It’s designed to force entrepreneurs to stop working on stuff that doesn’t matter and start implementing the KEY tasks that will get your funnel live, and your business flowing…

In 30 days, you’ll have a funnel that is built and live, and ready to gather leads and sales.

In this training, you’ll find 5 weeks’ worth of lessons.

In the first week, you’ll learn the proper mindset of the challenge and then over the next 4 weeks, you’ll get daily lessons and training on how to launch and promote your first funnel.

2.2 – One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

2.3 – What Are You Going to Learn in The One Funnel Away Challenge?

The lessons in the OFA challenge are spread over 5 weeks.

In the first week, you’ll get involved in the pre-training which will get you in the right mindset for the challenge.

After the pre-training, you’ll get daily lessons that will be sent to your email over the next 4 weeks

 2.4 – 30 Days Funnel Challenge by ClickFunnels


Here’s the table of the contents of all the lessons:

Pre-training (Creating the belief):

  • Lesson 1 – The Framework. 
  • Lesson 2 – One Funnel Away. 
  • Lesson 3 – The Who… Not The How. 
  • Lesson 4 – Funnel Hacking. 
  • Lesson 5 – Lady Boss Story. 
  • Lesson 6 – The Map.

Week 2 (Your hooks and stories):

  • Lesson 1 – Testing Your Material.
  • Lesson 2 – Epiphany Bridge.
  • Lesson 3 – Publishing Your Origin Story.
  • Lesson 4 – Testing Hooks/ Stories.

Week 3 (Hook, Story, Offer):

  • Lesson 1 – Offer Hacking. 
  • Lesson 2 – The Greatest Showman. 
  • Lesson 3 – Offer Sequencing. 
  • Lesson 4 – The Secret of Ecovers. 
  • Lesson 5 – Creating Your Products.

Week 4 (Make It Rain):

  • Lesson 1- The Three Types of Traffic. 
  • Lesson 2- The Dream 100. 
  • Lesson 3- Hooks (earned). 
  • Lesson 4- Hooks (paid). 
  • Lesson 5- What Happens When Your Funnel Flops… 
30 Days Funnel Challenge by ClickFunnels- Get Bonuses Below

3.0 – 30Days.com Virtual Summit

Name: 30 Days Virtual Summit
Price: FREE
Coaches: 30

You Suddenly Lose Everything

3.1 – What is the 30Days.com Virtual Summit?

30 Days Virtual Summit is a FREE traning program which gives you lessons from 30 famous online entrepreneurs teachinwhat would they do if they would have to start from $0 again.

The premise of this program is very simple:

Russell Brunson sent messages to some of the most successful ClickFunnels users asking them:

What would you do over 30 days if you suddenly loose everything and you would have to start from zero?

Not only did many of them respond, but they sent brilliantly DETAILED action plans for the 30 days.

And they’ve all agreed to share their “30 Days” plan with you and your followers for FREE during this virtual summit!

Without any doubt, you will find so many golden nuggets on how to start online business from scratch within 30 days during 30 days virtual summit.

3.2 – 30 Days Virtual Summit Price

30 Days Virtual Summit won’t cost you anything. That means it’s FREE to join and by joining it you’ll get 30 free videos (20-30 minutes each) teaching you how to start online business from scratch.

4.0 – Two Comma Club LIVE Review

Name: Two Comma Club LIVE
Price #1: Free to join, pay after the event $197
Price #2: Pay $147 during the registration
Discount: $50 OFF for if you pay before the event
Duration: 3 Days

One Funnel Away Challenge Pricing

4.1 – Two Comma Club LIVE Overview: What is the Two Comma Club LIVE?

In particular, this conference is a 3-day intensive conference featuring many top-rated speakers from the renowned Funnel Hacking LIVE!

The Two Comma Club LIVE comprises many top tier presentations that have been carefully handpicked by Russell Brunson and his team.

Some of these handpicked presentations had significant impacts on the attendees of the FHL.

Some of the notable speakers and presenters of the Two Comma Club LIVE to expect are Natasha Hazlett, Myron Golden, Heather Quisel, Alex Charfen, Tom Bilyeu, and Prince EA.

4.2 – What You’ll Find Inside the Two Comma Club Virtual Conference

I'm Inviting You Join Me

Well, this conference is designed for those who are passionate about their online businesses, internet marketing, and personal development.

These areas focus primarily on the Two Comma Club Virtual Conference since they are directly aligned with the conference’s goals.

In the three day conference, you will come across three sessions subdivided into;

Day 1 “IGNITE – How to Turn your Spark, into a Fire,”

Day 2 “NAIL IT – How to Master the Four Funnels that Drive 98% of your Sales

Day 3 “SCALE IT – After you’ve Nailed it.”

DAY 1 – IGNITE – How to Turn your Spark Into a Fire!

The three-day virtual conference will be started with Russell Brunson.

The IGNITE session will discuss how to find your voice, and you’ll be taught how to identify your audience as a business or brand.

This presentation goes further in-depth to highlight how to get your audience to find you.

During the first day of the conference, with Russell Brunson, you get to learn and understand yourself and determine who your potential co-workers are, the services or products you want to sell, and how to sell and get your customers to start looking for you.

Other speakers who will coach you with valuable lessons lined up for this day include Alex Charfen, Stacey Martino, Natasha Hazlett, Myron Golden, Bailey Richert, and Dean Graziosi.

They all talk about different aspects that collectively contribute to the main agenda of the conference.

DAY 2 – NAIL IT – How to Master the Four Funnels that Drive 98% of Your Sales.

From the second day of the Virtual conference, practical illustrations will be shared to walk you through the journey of online marketing.

There are fundamental principles to follow when you want to achieve significant success in online marketing.

The team attributes online success to four main funnels that you will have to master and nail. These four funnels include;

  1. Lead Funnels
  2. Unboxing Funnels
  3. Presentation Funnels
  4. Phone Funnels

These simple steps will guide you to convert poorly performing funnels into good performing ones before they eventually turn into a hit.

The second day will involve two bonus sessions, a Two Comma Club documentary, and another bonus session titled the 1% Crazy.

DAY 3 – SCALE IT – After You’ve Nailed It.

The Two Comma Club LIVE is a group of visionary individuals with limitless goals.

Although the club is called Two Commas, they certainly wouldn’t mind achieving even more commas.

The third day of the live conference is primarily focused on this aspect of growth.

Once you learn how to Nail it from the second day, you will require knowledge on upscaling.

This is the only way to move from six figures to 7, 8, and beyond.

The conference emphasizes the importance of scaling up to realize exponential growth.

You are taught how to drive more traffic to earn more people into your world.

Similarly, this is the stage where personal development is necessary.

The live conference focuses on teaching you all these to be able to handle 7-8 figure problems.

The Two Commas Live Club LIVE will focus on teaching you how to manage large teams, improving your skillset, and increasing business traffic


5.0 – What is the 30Days.com book about?

You Suddenly Lose Everything 30Days.com

30 Days book is a 550 pages hardcover book showing how to start an online business from scratch in just 30 days if you have no money, no list, no product, and no traffic.

Currently, the only possible way to get this book is to join the One Funnel Away Challenge which will give you this book for FREE.In this book, Russell Brunson sent an email to over 100 members who were a 2 Comma Club Award Winners and asked a question what they would do if they would suddenly lose everything.

30 members sent him back an exact process of what would they do from Day 1 to Day 30 with their action plan.

The book contains 30 chapters, with each chapter dedicated to a specific award winner. Each of these chapters are outlined with specific day-to-day details that you can follow to grow your business.

6.0 – What is Expert Secrets Book?

Expert Secrets Book

The Expert Secrets is the second book by Russel Brunson after DotCom Secrets.

Expert Secrets is an online marketing book, which will teach you how to become a charismatic expert in your field, build trust with your customers, and how to communicate with them to generate income from them. This book contains actionable tips on how to become a leader in your online business.

The book isn’t about secrets that experts use. Instead, it affirms that you are already an expert in something. This book will help you to identify your previously ignored strengths, passion, talents, and knowledge and show you how to turn it into a business.

6.1 – How Can You Benefit From The Expert Secrets Book?

Note, the only way you will benefit from the Expert Secrets book is if you take massive action on the lessons that are taught.

Reading the book without taking action is worth zero!Taking action is what matters.

And, some of the things you will learn are:

    • It will help you find your voice as a leader
    • It will help you build your confidence
    • It will give you practical steps to develop your mass movement of people who are crazy about learning from you.
    • It will revolutionize how you approach your online ventures by helping you find out how you can get paid to share what you already know.
    • Ultimately, this book will give you actionable steps to build your online business and scale it.

7.0 – DotCom Secrets Book Author: Russel Brunson

Dotcom Secrets Book

Russel Brunson is arguably one of the most successful marketers in the 21st century.

You see, by the age of 12, when his peers were outside playing, young Rusell was collecting junk mail, listening to radio and TV commercials. To him, reading and studying sales and marketing was entertaining.

In 2003 he was marketing an online marketing software known as Zip Brander. The software was helping online entrepreneurs to get traffic to their website and offers.

In 2005 he created the first products whereby he was selling ‘How to make potato guns’ DVDs. This was his initial entry into the world of internet marketing.

Since then, Russel Brunson sold anything and everything from coaching products, books, t-shirts, software, and many more.

At one point, he even won a Ferrari for getting 1.3 Million leads in six weeks.

In the year 2014, he cofounded ClickFunnels with his partner Todd Dickerson. The company has grown so much that it’s currently worth over $400 Million in just six years since inception.

As if that’s not enough… Today, Russel is the highest-paid speaker?

Yes, more than Barrack Obama, Trump, Bill Clinton, Tonny Robbins, or anyone else you’re thinking about.

In the year 2018, he closed $3 Million in sales during a speech at the 2018 10X Growth Conference by Grant Cardone!

So, trust me when I say that he is one of the greats in the internet marketing world.

7.1 – What is DotCom Secrets Book About?

DotCom Secrets is an online marketing book, which will teach you the best strategies on how to use a simple process to get traffic, conversions, and sales online. This book contains an actionable blueprint of how online marketing works and how you can benefit from it.

Russell Brunson published this book in the year 2015. This was his first book of a series of others to come later. But, five years later, each and everything taught in the book is still as relevant today as it was when the book was launched.

It was branded as ‘The underground playbook for growing your company online.’

This tagline for the book speaks volumes on the value the book delivers.

Essentially, if you want to build an online company, this is the book to read. Also, if you’re trying to sell anything online, this book will open up your eyes more than any other material that you have read so far.

Here are a couple of things reviewed that you’ll find in the DotCom Secrets book.

7.2 – What DotCom Secrets Book Will Teach You?

In short, this book teaches you advanced online marketing techniques for increasing your conversions and making the most out of every single visitor that visits your page.

Instead of selling ONE item to your visitors, you identify people that are BUYERS and thus present them with immediate upsells and/or downsells to maximize the amount of income you can generate from them.

If they want to learn and buy more, why not offer it to them?

For example:

One of the most successful sales strategies you can implement into your business is…

8.0 – What is Traffic Secrets Book About?

Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets book should not be confused with the Traffic Secrets course. However, it is believed that considering how valuable the course is, the book will have a few aspects from the course.

Note, according to Russel Brunson, the book has been two years in the making. And, if his reputation is anything to go by, we know that Russel is very keen on delivering value.

If you follow him on social media, youtube, or any other platform, you will note that he is always trying to add value to his followers.

Therefore, the book he has worked on for two years is bound to come with some gemstones of secrets, hacks, and knowledge.

8.1 – Who Should Read The Traffic Secrets Book?

Firstly, you will note that the Traffic Secrets book will be a build-up onto the concepts taught in the previous two books. So, this book will benefit the people who have read DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets the most.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you haven’t read the previous two books that you will not benefit from the Traffic Secrets. But, it’s advisable that before the launch of the book, get the other two books and read them.

Note, every marketer will tell you that DotCom Secrets covers the SCIENCE behind building an online business and sales funnels.

The Expert Secrets covers the ART behind building your brand, business and sales funnel.

And, the new Traffic Secrets will cover the FUEL behind and online business and sales funnel- Traffic.

So, this trilogy is a MUST have for any entrepreneur.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur, or a wannabeprenuer…

Traffic Secrets is the book to show you how to get leads, prospects and potential customers on looking in your direction.

9. Sign up for a ClickFunnels Free Trial

If you don’t have  a ClickFunnels account yet, you can sign up for the 14 days free trial.This way, you’ll be able to play a bit with the software and test it to see if you really need it.And by the way, during the free trial period you’ll also get an instant access to all of these bonuses:

ClickFunnels 14 Day FreeTrial

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russel Bronson

Russell Brunson is one of the most successful marketers and the founder of Click Funnels – an online marketing SaaS platform. ClickFunnels happens to be one of his most successful ventures, but his accomplishments go beyond the platform. He is also one of the top best selling authors in the United States with books such as DotCom SecretsExpert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets.

If you’re a marketer worth your salt, you must have heard about Rusell Brunson. If not, this piece will help you not only know who Rusell Brunson is but also know the impact he has had in the online marketing world.

Russell Brunson’s Background

Russell, a resident of Idaho, is married to Collete and has 5 children.

In his college years, he was a professional wrestler, and by the time of his graduation, he was ranked number 2 in the country in the high school national championship.

He had always been interested in marketing, and when he was still in college, he put together his first product- a DVD showing people how to make a potato gun.

Since then he has been involved in creating multiple other online businesses and products including the now popular ClickFunnels.

Facts About Russel Brunson

  • He has published and sold over 250,000 copies of his marketing books.
  • Russell launched ClickFunnels software in October 2014, and the company has grown to $100,000,000 and 55,000 customers in the first three years.
  • Remember, ClickFunnels is estimated to have over 100,000 paying customers.
  • The ClickFunnels Facebook group has over 230,000 members.
  • It is estimated to be worth over 360 Million Dollars by Forbes.
  • Russel Brunson is said to have an email list of over 1M subscribers.
  • He is also said to be a multi-millionaire worth over $37 Million. After all, he is the founder of the 2 Comma club – it would be absurd that he isn’t a 2 comma club member himself.
  • The ClickFunnels 2 comma club has over 250 members (Millionaires).

Look at these numbers!

Numbers don’t lie. Russel Brunson is one of the most prominent online entrepreneurs who are worth listening to.

And, his books are a MUST READ!

Russell Brunson Book